"Lethal Blossom" coverI wrote my first novel when I was 10. It was awful, but I had fun. I’ve been a writer ever since, and am pleased to say that my skills have improved significantly since those early days. After many years of corporate and non-fiction writing, it’s a delight to be back in the fiction world again.

In my first mystery novel, Lethal Blossom, I share a few characteristics with my main character, Lena: coffee addiction, a severe case of the heebie-jeebies near a Ouija board, and frequent thoughts that we ought to eat less cake and do more yoga. That’s about it for similarities, though. If you’re hoping for more insights into my life you’ll have to read the About page or follow me on Instagram.

Here’s the blurb for Lethal Blossom (available on Amazon here):

After years of struggle as a single mom and aspiring artist, Lena Wells enjoys the suburban American dream at last, complete with house, pool, and a golf-obsessed husband raking in the good life. Too bad all good things come to an end. Now Lena’s struggling to cope with her husband’s sudden death, the loss of her creative vision as a painter, and a scary downturn in her finances.

When a kindly neighbor suffers an accidental demise, Lena figures it’s just more bad luck going around. Until her psychic niece shows up:  Val sees things others can’t, and soon Lena learns her neighbor’s death might not have been so accidental after all. It’s hard to believe, because Rose Braska was a most unlikely murder victim. Skeptical but unable to resist the temptation to investigate, Lena follows a brownie-crumb trail of clues toward the truth with help from her free-spirited grandmother and feng shui consultant best friend.

In the course of investigating Lena discovers more bodies, consumes far too many baked goods, and comes to suspect that her husband’s fatal fall might not have been an accident, either. A Native American shaman, teen computer geek, and smart-mouthed investigator join the fun as Lena and her unlikely posse unravel a tangled web of underhanded real estate schemes and deadly culinary arts.

I hope you’ll read Lethal Blossom, and if you do, and like it, I hope you’ll post a nice review.


"Lethal Blossom" cover