Feng Shui

I’ve been writing and teaching about feng shui — and its sister-topic, clutter clearing — for, wow, over 15 years now.

My Feng Shui Story

At the time I began my feng shui journey in the mid-1990s, I’d been a successful instructional designer in the corporate field for almost 15 years. My job was to meet with content experts at a client company and find out all about whatever topic would be turned into an employee training program. Then I’d organize the material into a logical sequence, figure out how to communicate it so others could learn it easily, and create a program that made the learning process engaging and fun.

When I began looking around for something new to do (with no clear idea what that might be, and feeling increasingly in need of a change) I thought about what I might be good at.

I’d always loved decorating and rearranging my own home, and friends thought I’d make a good personal coach, which made interior design or life coaching attractive possibilities. The problem was I didn’t feel a pull to pursue either of those fields at the exclusion of the other.

If only there were a career that combined them both…

One day, at a friend’s apartment, I picked up an interesting book from the coffee table. It was an introduction to what would be come the modern feng shui movement that is now so popular, especially in the western world.

What a revelation! I was entranced by the idea that how we arrange our spaces could so profoundly affect our ability to enjoy a happy life and achieve the success we desire.

I wanted more! I signed up for a weekend workshop, and from there enrolled in a year-long professional training program, followed by a three-year intensive in the “Black Tibetan Buddhist” or “BTB” school, from which my own practice developed.

As you can imagine, all of these feng shui studies were accompanied by significant reorganization and redecorating of my home and home office. The deeper I got into feng shui, the deeper the changes I felt inspired to make in all areas of my life.

In the summer of 1999, I gave up my corporate work and moved from New York City to Hawaii with a guy I’d met on the internet (now my husband, BTW, a risk well-worth taking). Once settled in our new home, I began to put my training and information-organizing skills to work by writing my first feng shui book.

Back in New York, I’d discovered that many of my feng shui clients had scheduled a consultation because the reading they’d done on their own had left them confused and overwhelmed by conflicting and unclear advice. With all those years of corporate training development under my belt, I knew I could do a better job of explaining feng shui to a modern audience, and that’s how the Fast Feng Shui book series began.

The Clutter-Feng Shui Connection

Over the next few years I wrote several more feng shui books, and then woke up one day to discover that while I was cranking out feng shui books and blog posts, I’d been letting my own clutter pile up.

If you know even a little bit about feng shui, you’ve learned that clutter is a huge feng shui no-no! It was time to for me to get serious about decluttering, and I knew that many feng shui readers struggled with their own clutter as well. So while I was tidying up and decluttering my own home, I set out to create a program that would teach people how to clear their clutter in a way that would dovetail with the modern shui practice. I’d collect all of the strategies that had worked for me in the past, put them to use again, and really explore what goes on in our minds and hearts when we have trouble making decisions about our stuff.

The original Clutter-Free Forever Home Coaching Program launched in 2003. It was a great success with customers, who reported that they were able to make progress on their clutter for the first time in years – sometimes even decades – and that learning to see their clutter from a new perspective had changed their lives.

Eventually I turned that program into an ebook called Clutter Clearing from the Inside Out, and now that material has been expanded and updated into an online, video-based program, which you can find out more about at my clutter website, here.

I continue to write and teach about feng shui, and you can find out more about all that my feng shui website, here.