Eeeeesh, the bio. I never know where to start. Do I introduce myself as a writer, an artist, a feng shui author-teacher, an internet entrepreneur? On any given day I might be wearing one or several of those hats. Success coaches say I should have some glib, fill-in-the-blanks statement ready to go; “I am a [multi-talented task-juggling phenom] with a passion for [helping overwhelmed women infuse their daily lives with more soul]…” Honestly? I have trouble making statements like that with a straight face. Mostly I write and make art, whether that’s playing with fabric, watercolor, mixed media, or bits of paper.

Ten Things About Me

  1. Favorite beverage: coffee
  2. Favorite music: birdsong
  3. Double Libra (Sun and Venus) with Taurus rising. This means I love luxuriously beautiful fabric and bold colors, both to wear and to fill my home. Boho chic is my natural style.
  4. My favorite things all start with the letter C: chocolate, coffee, crackers&cheese, chardonnay, cats
  5. I believe walks and naps are the secret to a happy life.
  6. I don’t have a tattoo. Not even a secret hidden one.
  7. My favorite breakfast  is dessert, preferably a cobbler or fruit pie
  8. I got married, for the first and hopefully only time, at age 46. If you’re still looking for Mr. or Ms. Right, hang in there, it could still happen.
  9. I am a former fashion model. (Okay, so it was only the one time, and I was 8. I remember parading self-consciously across the school auditorium stage in a hideous sage green capri-pants-and-midriff-top outfit of some itchy textured polyester that I couldn’t believe they were making me wear. Every time I see a photo of a fashion model in a hideous outfit, trying gamely to look unaffected and cool, I send her my sympathy.)
  10. I love puzzles, especially mystery novels, tricky knitting patterns, jigsaw puzzles, and sudoku, and suspect this is why, in spite of all the right-brain creative stuff that mostly fills my days, I also secretly enjoy doing the bookkeeping. The numbers either come out right or they don’t, and there’s something reassuring about that clarity.

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