I have a new sister!

by Stephanie

A high point of my summer so far was attending my brother’s wedding at the end of July. It was held at my parents’ house, which is in a lovely spot on a lake in coastal Maine. My brother, sadly widowed a few years ago, has been looking for wife #2 for some time, and we couldn’t be happier that he and Lisa have found each other.


It was a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony, perfect weather, lots of friends and family gathered together for the happiest of reasons.

The day before I headed home, my dad treated a bunch of us to an afternoon sail on the good ship Heron, out of Rockport harbor. It was the perfect way to enjoy our last day in Maine.


One question that came up repeatedly during my trip was, “when was the last time you were here?” I think maybe it’s been four years, but am not really sure. The one true answer is “longer ago than it should have been.” Now that I’m back on the mainland, I hope to be returning to Maine more often. Western Washington state is hardly next door, but with Seattle as my departure point it’s a much quicker trip than getting to Maine from Hawaii.

It was lovely seeing you again, Maine. I hope to come back soon.

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