In search of a great view

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by Stephanie

We heart Olympia in a big way, especially how when driving around town on a clear day, the gorgeousness of Mt. Ranier pops in and out of view. There you are, heading home from Costco or the Post Office, when you turn a corner and pow, there’s a snowcapped mountain looming on the horizon.

So we’re on a mission to find the best place to park for a minute and catch a good view, that’s convenient to our usual drive-around-and-do-errands routes. Great viewpoints in other areas of town will be checked out as well, but proximity will determine the winner; on most days we’ll want to swing by somewhere for a quick stop, not make an excursion out of it.

So far the top contender is Overlook Point Park in Tumwater. It’s a little pocket place, just a small parking lot and a couple of picnic tables. But the view…. it’s worth the short detour when we’re out and about.


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