Bonsai! (100DP Days 13 & 14)

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by Stephanie

Saturday was a lovely day for a drive so we hopped in the car and made our way up to Federal Way, where the Pacific Bonsai Museum and Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden are nestled into a secret corner between Tacoma and Seattle.

I adore rhododendrons, and couldn’t be happier that almost every yard in my neighborhood boasts one or more of these lovely trees. Although I’m glad to have visited the garden, I’ve got to say that I see more and better blooms walking around my neighborhood than we did in the garden. Which only proves that the most spectacular bloomers are the one that end up propagated into pots at your local nursery for planting in your garden. It’s very likely that, being mere flower lovers and not especially botanically knowledgeable, we walked right by unique and special specimens without noticing much. I wish I’d gotten a good picture, though, of the Chinese Dove Tree, which is gorgeous, with the most unusual flowers. So I asked the Google, which found me one, from here:


The big attraction of the day was the bonsai:



Every time I see a bonsai display, I have to restrain myself from running home and cramming some poor infant tree into a pot. My confidence is being able to keep a bonsai alive for long is slim.

This time, I came up with a better option: making some miniature bonsai collages and posting them on instagram for #the100dayProject. These are the two I made yesterday and this morning. I’m tempted to make some bigger ones, but a daily 3″x3″ piece is enough to keep me busy at the moment.



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