This morning I went into the closet to change into something presentable before running a few quick errands (my at-home clothes are chosen for comfort first, which means they are often old favorites no longer suitable for wearing in public). I took a sleeveless blouse off the hangar, put it on, then paused for a moment before taking it off and tossing it into the donation bag.

The other day when I went through clothes for items to purge, this one passed the “keep” test without hesitation: it’s a shade of blue that goes well with almost everything I wear; it’s sleeveless, which is my style of choice for three quarters of the year in Hilo’s climate; and if I remove it from the dryer promptly it never needs to be ironed (big plus!).

But when I put it on this morning I realized that in spite of all those factors in the “pro” column, I don’t really like it. It’s a stretch poplin, and the nylon content and tight weave mean it’s not as breathable as a hot-weather garment should be. Plus, it’s an off-the-rack purchase, which means it’s designed for someone several inches shorter than me and is just a teeny and annoying bit short in the torso. And the faux-surplice front means there are extra layers of fabric where I don’t need them. If I spent most of my workday in an air-conditioned office, this would probably be one of my go-to garments. But I don’t. So I’m passing it on to someone else whom it will both fit and suit better.

What this means is my “make the easy/fast choices first” strategy is working. I’ve started paying more attention to the choices I make, and moving that “keep or toss” line closer and close to a position where it will truly serve me. Before this 300 Thing Fling, I would have either put that blouse on and worn it anyway, feeling the subtle drag of not truly liking what I was wearing for however long I had it on. Or I might have thought, “I don’t really feel like wearing this today,” and put it back on the hanger. Today that “I don’t really feel like wearing this,” moment prompted a better decision: pass it on to someone else.

OMG, I just updated the count and I’m so close to 250: can I find one more thing to fling today?

Yes! A beginner’s book on sock knitting, and a box of sock-pattern cards, destined for a friend who recently expressed an interest in learning to knit socks. One teaches the toe-up method, the other the top-down way, so she can try both.


I’ve knit three pairs of socks and have come to two conclusions: first, that toe-up with two circular needles is my preferred method and, second, that I’d rather knit almost any else than socks. Remind me of that if you hear me mention sock plans ever again.

Donated: 1

Gifted: 2

Target for Day 23: -230

So far: -251!


I’ve been cleaning up the studio for days. This room is where I cut lovely fabric up into little bits and then sew it back together again into things like this:

SC-tulips-top{This is a current work-in-progress; the top is done and ready for quilting, although nowhere near the top of the RFQ queue}

The more improvisational the piecing, the more of a mess it makes. And no matter how many scrappy projects I make, they don’t seem to make any kind of a dent in the scrap bins, because for every piece that’s used, bits of it are trimmed off, and then instead of one large chunk of something, you’ve not got part of a quilt block and three smaller scraps.

Thescrap binsre’s a joke, among my kind of quilter, that we’ve each got a bag or bin somewhere in the stash that’s labelled “scraps too small to keep.” Some days it’s more true than funny. Every little bit of fabric is a little piece of potential, and that’s something that I personally find very difficult to let go of.

Nonetheless, I did manage to fill and empty the studio wastebasket four times over the past few days, and a lot of little scraps have been cleared away.

Not all of them, mind you.

Not even remotely close. The containers in the photo hold only the littlest ones: those between postage-stamp and playing-card size. And the real truth is that they hold only the sorted littlest ones. The overflow is all jumbled together in a storage drawer under the sewing table, and I’ve got other, larger, bins for the bigger scraps. Every one of my scrap bins is full.

Still, I’m counting emptying the wastebasket four times as a “-4” for the Fling count. I even moved a couple of sewing books from the shelf to the next library donation bag (something I did not expect to accomplish), and consigned two quilting magazines to the recycle bin, for a total count of 8 more “things” gone.

Target for Day 22: -220

So far: -248


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