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by Stephanie

You guys, the peonies are out, in May!!


So gobsmacking gorgeous.


I’d bury my face in them, if I didn’t know peonies are so often full of ants.




Apparently I can’t count. Pulling these pics from my instafeed to share here, I realized there are two “Day 24s.” So one is now day 27. Yay, that means I’m a day ahead of where I thought the count was. That’s the kind of whoopsie I can get behind.


You’ll notice this batch is all watercolors. Partly because I really want to get better at watercolor, and the way to do that is to do more watercoloring.


Also because the thought of adding a mess of collage papers and snippets to my already cluttered and untidy worktable this week is too much.


Hoping to fit some tidying up into the next few days. Nothing like a nice, clean work surface to make messing it up in some artsy way more fun.


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The 100 Day Project: Days 9-12

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More 3″x3″ miniature art from #the100dayproject on instagram. These birds are fun. I’ll definitely make some more of these before the 100 days are over. Playing around with some very watery watercolor backgrounds, and snippets of marbled paper:  

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