Today I’d planned to delve into the TV credenza shelves in search of fling-ables. At first I chickened out. All those music and seminar CDs that we rarely listen to any more.

Come to think of it, do we even have a working CD player any more, other than the one in my car? There’s the one in my aging notebook computer, which I’ve been meaning to use to transfer selected disc/tracks to my iPod & phone, a task I consider occasionally but don’t make the time for. Why is it so difficult to let go of this stuff, if I can admit that I no longer listen to them and am not likely to miss (most of) them if I gave them away?

I don’t have an answer to that, although it for sure includes the delusion that I’ll want to listen to them again someday, along with a good dose, probably, of “I paid good money for those” way back when.

This 30-day challenge is about making the easy decisions, and the CD one is not in that category today. I’m telling myself, as I type this, that given the pace at which technology changes I’d be wise to gather up all those CDs and donate them to the library while someone else might still have the means to listen to them.

* * * * * *

Okay, I had to walk away for a little while before facing this. There’s still a lot in there I’m not ready to decide about yet, but I found some boxed sets of Wayne Dyer and Joe Vitale audio seminar CDs that are ready for a new home. I’d rather donate them to the library than list them on eBay, so into the donation bag they go. And some music CDs I don’t care enough about to transfer to my iTunes library.

Donated: 6 audio CD boxed sets and 14 music CDs.

Cumulative target for Day 18: -180

Where I’m at:  -199

OMG! I’m that close to 200 items out the door!!

Surely I can find at least one more.

Yup, make that 16 music CDs, and a grand total so far of -201.

Yippee, skippy, what’s next?




Tossed/Recycled today: [-10]

Cumulative target for Day 18: -180

Where I’m at:  [-179]


Hmpff. I thought for sure there’d be more fling fodder lurking around the coffee table. It’s certainly cluttered enough. Thing is, that clutter is almost entirely my TV-time hand-sewing and knitting projects, supplies, tools, inspiration, and materials. No wonder it’s a mess.

I took this photo a while back as we sat down to enjoy the most recent Summer Olympics. For the 2014 Winter Olympics the projects changed but the overall table-top-load was about the same, and it’s gotten no better since then. Actually, it was worse before I tidied and straightened. Bottom line: I’d rather live with a cluttered coffee table than sit through even 10 minutes of television/Netflix/Olympics without a project in hand — and T. doesn’t seem to mind the mess — so this particular area is unlikely to ever be tidier than this. Unless I’ve moved it all temporarily for entertainment/house-guest reasons, in which case it will come right back as soon as non-residents head home.

Have you discovered Skillshare yet? I thoroughly enjoyed this class with Justina Blakeney on staging your home for a photo shoot. Perhaps one day I’ll rewatch the lessons on styling a coffee table, and have something better to show you than the current state of affairs.

The shelf underneath is where I stash in-process project bins and some oversized books that don’t fit anywhere else. There’s a lot of stuff down there, but nothing I’m getting rid of. I did find two remote control units, for devices we no longer own, in the back of the drawer. Those have been tossed (batteries removed for responsible disposal), along with one cracked ceramic coaster, and two TV-listing sections from weeks-old Sunday papers.

Don’t tell my husband, but I also ditched several old issues of Hawaiian Style magazine. He finds the pictures of dream homes inspiring and would like to keep them forever. I like dream-home pictures as much as anyone, but feel it’s time to bring some fresh sources in. Confession: my flung-count cushion has been shrinking, and I wanted to get to 10 things flung today. Otherwise the magazines might have made the cut. Sometimes it’s good to have a reason to be ruthless.

Tossed/Recycled today: -10

Cumulative target for Day 17: -170

Where I’m at:  -179


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